If you provide audio-related services or are considering doing so, you are aware that you would need clients. If you don’t currently have some services but have some knowledge and decent equipment, you may want to suggest doing so.

Use certain studio monitors with a mixing and Mastering services or the cool microphone for some voice overs. There are several items you can provide, so do it.

We’ll look at a few choices for bringing clients online, as well as some sites to look for these clients, in this post.


This is a multi-industry freelancing website of work and assignments in a variety of fields. There are many audio jobs available, including mixing and mastering services , production, voice recording, podcast editing, among several others.

The web receives about 38 million monthly users, indicating that there are many users employed and seeking services on the site, which is both a blessing and a burden.

The trouble with websites like this in general is that there is a lot of rivalry and that the facilities are mostly inexpensive. Since too many individuals compete for the same contracts, costs begin to drop in the hopes of winning said projects.

As always, I recommend giving it a shot. I will also recommend searching for suggestions and guides about how to compose projects, and to send you some of my own advice, keep them brief and cover anything listed in the project information.

PeoplePerHour.com and Freelancer.com are also in a common way, and there are certainly a number more of these kinds of websites out there.

It’s pointless to create separate entries for these two because they’re almost identical to Upwork.


You may have known of Fiverr because of its “do something for $5” pitch.

If you didn’t remember, things have changed a little and you can now charge a ton more and create various rates of offerings at different costs.

Aside from being able to build various rates of offerings, you will also establish up-sells, such as speeding up distribution with an additional $10.

Prices are already on the bottom end of the spectrum, but you have some flexibility.

The website receives about 33 million monthly users and has a dedicated segment for music and audio. When you look at the profiles that appear, you will see for yourself how many ratings some of the service companies have.

However, if you don’t have any ratings or feedback, the platform won’t be of much use to you at first. You’ll have to aim to pull in your own clients to gain any initial feedback, because as your business grows, you should anticipate Fiverr to send people to look at your services.

Fiverr’s power resides in the potential to get users to you rather than you coming to them, but you’ll also have to do it for a bit, because it’s not exactly a forum for finding the next customer easily.


This platform is close to those in the freelancing world, but it focuses on voice-over work. It’s not for everybody, but if you’re looking to market your voice as a service, this might be a good place to start.

For about 1 million monthly visitors, you might expect there are loads of proposals to apply for.

Be sure you have the correct equipment for this style of job, such as a decent microphone and sound therapy, before diving in.

Consider having a portable sound booth if you don’t have or can’t soundproof your entire space.

These devices fold around your microphone and are less expensive than a complete room procedure so they don’t need you to stick it to your walls.

Alternatively, if you’re on a tight budget, try playing with your wardrobe, sheets, pillows, and everything else with a fluffy surface and a lot of ventilation inside. It’s a little shabby, but well, if it works, it works.

Voicebunny.com is a similar platform worth checking out; you’ll have to undergo their screening, but after that, they’ll pair you with available ventures.


mixing and mastering services

This is another freelancing platform where individuals in need of resources can upload their project and providers can request bids.

The website’s main emphasis is on music, production, composing, mixing and mastering services.

With about 400k monthly visitors, you should anticipate a good number of projects to be reported there.

Make sure the ideas stick out by being polite, keeping the proposal brief, and addressing the project, much like every other freelancing platform.

Often, make sure you have the necessary expertise and equipment to sustain the services you provide. If something is lacking, begin with what you can provide in a high-quality manner and extend later.

You don’t have to provide any of the facilities all at once; start tiny and expand.


mixing and mastering services

This is a website you would like to be on whether you’re in a band or a DJ searching for gigs. It’s not only a complete social networking site in and of itself, but it even has a gig finder.

The platform receives over 9 million monthly visits, indicating that it is a major competitor, if not the largest in the industry. I’m not sure what you’re doing if you’re not already there.

Sonicbids.com and gigmasters.com are good choices if you’re searching for anything exclusive, but they’re more costly to access, so bear that in mind.

Craig’s List

mixing and mastering services

Of course, it isn’t a dedicated website, so you can use it to promote your mixing and mastering services or, whether you offer studio time, your studio.

Even, from time to time, you’ll come across individuals seeking facilities or searching for recording engineers, vocalists, and other professionals.

It doesn’t take much time, so why not list your resources there and check in every now and then to see if someone is looking for anything you can help with?

In conclusion

As an artist and/or home studio user, these websites can cover the majority of the resources you may provide. Determine what resources you can have and enter the websites that are better fit for such services.

I will also advise you to build your own website, social networking pages, and other standard marketing materials and use them to advertise your service.

I wouldn’t recommend relying entirely on either of these sites because they are outside your reach and come with inherent risks.

The point is to continue to diversify your customer base. It doesn’t suggest you can work it out right now, but just have it in mind for the future.

I hope you find this information helpful, and I wish you luck on your adventures.