1. Every day does not have to be the finest day of your life

There will be some fantastic days and some less-than-spectacular days, as well as some fantastic weeks and some less-than-spectacular weeks. If something isn’t working on a certain day, don’t worry about it, try again the next day. The race is long, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…

2. It’s not all about the gear

Sure, the pricey equipment sound nice occasionally, but you can produce fantastic sounding music in an untreated space on a shoestring budget and with inexpensive gear. Stop causing yourself issues by believing that a new toy will cure your music; the fact is, even if it does, the benefit will be minor.

3. Make a favorites folder and keep it up to date

Take 10 minutes every time you finish a song to collect your favorite sound in one location. Keep a folder with your absolute best samples in your favorites. This streamlines your workflow and saves you a ton of time on future jobs.

4. Your projects should be color coded

The importance of color coding cannot be overstated. It assists your eye in distinguishing between different sorts of groupings. When you’re not staring at a wall of midi-green or audio-blue, it may also stimulate inspiration and creativity (at least in Logic Pro).

5. Organize the plugins you’ve installed

The majority of DAWs allow you to alter the order in which your plugins are presented. The objective is to prioritize quality above quantity in this situation. Is it truly necessary to have all 20 compressors on hand at all times? Choose a few high-quality plug-ins for each function, and your workflow will become much more fluid and simple.