1. Investigate several sources of income

If you haven’t already noticed, this essay goes well beyond the typical music industry advice. The average millionaire, you see, has seven distinct money streams. If you’re making a livelihood as a musician, you’re probably earning money from a variety of sources. Most musicians don’t make enough money just from music sales, so they do things like play gigs, give engineering services, place music in TV or film, put together courses, hire ghost producers, and so on.

2. Be ready to put in a lot of effort

There are considerably easier methods to generate money, I won’t lie. Music is a demanding industry, and if you want to create a name for yourself, you must be willing to put in long hours. Just remember not to fall into the trap of thinking that working more is always the solution.

3. Collaboration is the key

Allowing another intellect to assist you in the creation of music is critical. This is not only beneficial to your skill set, but it is also incredibly satisfying and even enjoyable.

4. Friendships in the business go a long way

Be really receptive to the idea of forming a community. There are just too many advantages to making friends in the music industry to list. Not only will you receive excellent criticism, but you will also be able to collaborate with one another to optimize exposure and tackle the challenging and hard elements of the music industry. Starting the Hyperbits Masterclass has given me hundreds of new contacts and friends, both in the profession and via my interactions with students.

5. You’ve already “arrived.”

There will always be a further level, a new task, and no boundary must be crossed to be considered “legit.” You’ve already achieved your objective of becoming a real music producer by just starting and doing your best.