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2 Times Grammy and 3 Times Latin Grammy Winning Mixing Engineer

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Nacho Molino

Hi, I’m Nacho, and I’m passionate about helping you take your music to the highest level through powerful and defined audio mixing. Over the years, working in live sound, recording, editing, mixing, and mastering environments, I really fell in love with mixing. It’s so fun to work with artists and engineers to help them achieve the sound they’re after!

I have been blessed to win several awards in the last few years for the music that I’ve worked on. I’d love to win some more. Maybe your song or album will be the next one!

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Nacho molino % times grammy winner

Producer and Engineer with more than 20 years of experience. Born on February 8th, 1981. Begins piano lessons at 4 and learns to play guitar at 15. Later on he gets to play with legendary bands in Panama such as Libertad Perdida, Rencilla and Cabeza de Martillo. Being an active member of the panamanian rock scene as an engineer, Ignacio is awarded in the PanamaRock Awards for his work on “Pies de Loto” from Rencilla as Best Heavy Rock Album in 2004 and “Solo los Fuertes Sobreviven” in 2007. Album of the Year on “Agenda” from the band Factor VIII, Album of the Year for “Kamikaze” from los Rabanes (2007), Song of the Year for Filtro Medusa’s “Angel Eterno”.

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“In my time knowing and working with Nacho, I am a solid witness of his work, great professionalism, and human being quality, plus the life and palpability he brings to the music through his superb art of mixing is extremely unique and I highly recommend him to you if you are looking for a top of the line world-class quality work.”

Xito Lovell, Recording artist

I’ve worked with many engineers in many places. Nacho stands in a category of his own. His approach is tasteful, technical and most importantly practical. He has a particularly GREAT ear for heavy-guitar-driven music (he’s also a really good guitar player). Great experience in-studio, great mixes and masters. Very highly recommended.”

John Frojax, Drummer

It’s the second single that I collaborated with Nacho and what I loved the most about working with him is that he doesn’t standardize you project, this means that he will trade you if you were the only prodigy client to work with. He will work with the purpose to achieve what you want.  You are going to learn from him a lot.”

Andy M., Producer
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